Bachledka is the first eco-friendly center in Slovakia

Bachledka is the first eco-friendly center in Slovakia
1. April 2020 lukas

Bachledka Ski & Sun is the first ski resort in Slovakia to go green. Measures that will help nature and educate the public in this respect are gradually being implemented. The aim is to achieve the highest ecological standard and to do business in line with preserving natural wealth and traditions for future generations.

The main change has been made by the waste management center, which improved waste sorting and implemented waste minimizing measures. Throughout the whole center and in parts of the village Ždiar – Bachledova dolina were placed waste bins for sorted waste collection. In the past years, the most waste was produced by restaurants and buffets that used disposable dishes. This is over now. All 4 gastronomic facilities in the resort (except one bar that uses eco glasses) have taken steps and drinks and meals are served only from porcelain and glass, which is not only eco-friendly, but also pleasant. The complete list of implemented eco-measures is to be found here


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